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Wolfert RISS

  • Junior campus: Bentincklaan 294 | Rotterdam
  • Senior campus: Schimmelpenninckstraat 23 | Rotterdam

‘Educating for self-awareness, curiosity and integrity in a changing world’


Het Wolfert RISS heeft op dit moment een trainee van de groep 2018 (Nederlands) op de school.


Wolfert RISS is een internationale middelbare school in Rotterdam en valt onder de Wolfert van Borselen Scholengroep. Om die reden is alles bij het Wolfert RISS in het Engels en wordt er op school weinig Nederlands gesproken. De tekst op deze pagina over de school is daarom ook in het Engels.

As a provider of international education, RISS holds a unique position both within the Wolfert School Group and across Rotterdam and the Netherlands. Partly private and partly state subsidised, it exists to service the growing need the city has for high quality international education for foreign nationals or returning Dutch citizens, one that is not based on privilege or exclusivity.

While many schools claim to be international simply because of the curriculum they offer, RISS is a genuinely comprehensive coalition of teachers and students drawn from across the globe, united by a common belief in the importance of an inclusive, culturally diverse, child-centred, enquiry-driven education that not only prepares young people for university and life beyond but that ensures young people actually enjoy their youth too.

With a new internationally-minded and experienced school principal, RISS is at an exciting time in its life, with a compelling new vision and a clear plan for where it is going and the changes it needs to implement to get there.

Accredited by the Cambridge International Education Board and the International Baccalaureate Organisation, RISS students are well placed to go onto a variety of institutions of higher learning worldwide.  With English as the language of instruction, students are also encouraged to continue to study their own language and sit their own language examinations and, of course, study the Dutch language too.


Core values

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Relationships
  • Courage


  • Love for and enjoyment of learning
  • Joy in achievement
  • High expectations
  • Collaboration
  • Tolerance, diversity and belonging
  • Sense of service


  • Providing a broad, balanced and connected curriculum
  • Developing innovative and outstanding pedagogy
  • Fostering inquiry, action and reflection
  • Promoting multilingualism and intercultural understanding
  • Addressing the school community’s social, emotional and physical well-being
  • Identifying and valuing learning diversity
  • Modelling citizenship, leadership and lifelong learning

Visie en missie

Educating for self-awareness, curiosity and integrity in a changing world

Our mission is for every student to enjoy their youth.

We will do this by providing innovative approaches to learning, by encouraging achievement, by fostering international mindedness with local and global engagement, by modelling ethical behaviour and by acting respectfully and with honesty.

Website van Wolfert RISS 

Op deze school worden de volgende schoolvakken aangeboden (onder voorbehoud):

Nederlands | Engels | Frans | Duits | Spaans | Geschiedenis | Aardrijkskunde | Economie | Bedrijfseconomie | Informatica | Wiskunde A | Wiskunde B | Wiskunde C | Wiskunde D | Natuurkunde | Scheikunde | Biologie | Natuur, leven, technologie | Kunst: beeldend/tekenen | Kunst: muziek | CKV/Kunstgeschiedenis | Lichamelijke opvoeding | Levensbeschouwing | Filosofie | Maatschappijleer | Maatschappijwetenschappen | Bewegen, sport en maatschappij